Saturday, February 19, 2011

Size Does Matter

So, when nathan and I first got married life was simple. I cleaned the apartment every night for 30 minutes or so and it was done. We would do an uber cleaning for an hour on Satuday and be done for the weekend. We would go out to dinner 3 to 4 times a week and lingered in the grocery store just to people watch. Fast forward to current. We have 2 kids, a 4 bedroom house with a large yard and a finished basement. Much more than our 2 bedroom apartment. It just takes more time. This house was given to us as a blessing from my father but in respect to that I need to honor his wishes to keep it well. I now clean on average 5 hours a day. It takes me more time in one day to wash dishes and bottles than it did to clean my entire apartment. My husband is busy and I stay at home so its my job to keep the house. If I worked we would downsize for simple management but right now I dont and it allows us to have a little more personal space. One day we will downsize but right now is not the time for us.

So, size does matter. If you want to take on a large home expect the responsibility with it. If you want a small simple life expect the lack of privacy but much more time spent enjoying family. If you want a large family then you will have 3 or 4 loads of laundry a day to fold and put away but a dinner table that is full of laughter and love. If you want a smaller family then expect your house to be filled with a little less energy but much less laundry. The list of large versus small could continue but it all comes down to the simple face that with bigger families homes cars and so on comes responsibilies.

Do not beat yourself up if you have a large family and have a hard time keeping up on a daily basis, that is the cost of getting extra sweet kisses at the end of the day and more giggle and laughs in your life. Smaller families, if you wanted more kids but could not have them or you love your precious sweet small family enjoy that, dont neglect your home simply because its easy to put it off to tomorrow, but structure your time to enjoy a simple life with your sweet family.

I encourage those who do not have children yet to think about what size is manageable to you. What is your limit of sanity? What pushes you to the edge of wanting to quit? Is there an amount of business that makes you want to loose it? Think about all of this previous to you deciding when to quit having children. Having a baby to have a baby is not the right decision. Babies grow and become children and then teens and then college students and then adults. All of these stages mean different types of responsibility. How many and how much you can handle is different for each person. Just think about it.

So, think about all that you have and the reality of organization within that. I have 2 kids a husband a dog and a large home with 2 cars. Its alot to take care of but manageable for us. What is your stipping point or what do you need to omit (not children but things!). Do you need to downsize cars or house size or the amount of clothes in the house. Seriously sit down and think about it.

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