Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Resources Resources Resources

Yes thats right resources. If there is one thing that two years of social work taught me its that free resources can be an invaluble help in life. So this is really more of a list of online resources I use on a daily or weekly basis to help organize and run my life. - this website is my most treasured website I use. It can be a little cofusing with all the programs they seem to have running but they work. I did have to modify the cleanine schedule as the suggested 15 minutes of cleaning just does not cut it for my home. I do everything they say plus about 2 hours a day. I have a big home and thats just the reality. I also like to have a clean home...not perfectly picked up but clean. Germs are not my friend so I try to rid them as much as I can. - this is s simple easy to use and free web based schedule and calendar program, sooo easy to use and there is an app for my phone. There is also a linked app for flylady that works pretty well although I am not sure why they are linked, to date I have not seen an interapplication of flylady on cozi, maybe time will tell - this is a web site that pairs up sales with coupons and all you have to do is grab the coupons and go. I get free stuff all the time, in fact, I will be on my way in the morning to get free toothpaste, last week I got free baby wash and this week I got free milk! It is time consuming so be prepared but if you are a stay at home mom like me then it can save you money...a ton of money. We save on average $60.00 a week after buying groceries, newspapers and paying for my subcription to the web site. Its well worth the cost if you have the time! There are some free web sites out there but I have found them less reliable and harder to read - i use this website to see what coupons will come out in the coming week. If I have any that match a sale and I need to buy then I make sure and wait to purchase that item till i have that coupon. This is a little more for the intense saver/coupon buyer but i came upon it from a high school friends website and it works for me

Sometimes I just do random serches for organizing ideas. Often TV show programs and such have great ideas that will be listed on web sites. Search around a little and let me know if you find something you like a website or idea. Lots of fun stuff out much to use it all.

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