Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finding your personal goals and drives

We all have something that drives us. For some it will be a desire to be organized, for some it will be a parent or friend who pushes them to be better but for me it is the Bible. I desire to show Christ through my actions. When I think about how He lived and what Christ desires for life as a Christian to look like I can not imagine it is his desire for us to be unorganized and in panic mode at all times.

Take for example having a guest over. Lets say you have a guest bedroom that is full of old boxes of memories and a few too many blankets and 5 or 6 bags of clothes that reallly raellllly need to go to good will and a few more boxes of those items that one day you will get around to putting where you want them. When your guests come over how do you feel with them sleeping in that room. What panic did you have to go through to get it at least sleepable? Are the sheets really clean? How did you react to your family while you did your best to make do of the room? How do the guests feel, like they are in the way or a burdon?

Now lets say you have a guest bedroom that is cleaned and uncluttered. I am not saying perfect. Books get misplaced and somehow that sock always ends up under the bed and the dress up outfit your daughter tried on yesterday always seems to make their way in odd places (you get the idea) but in a matter of 5 minutes you can simply clean and change the sheets in the room. Maybe you even have time to get out some fresh towels and place a piece of chocolate next to their bedside table. The room is clutter free leaving the guest room to unpack and take a deep breath after a long drive. So now, how do your guests feel? How did you feel in preparing the room? How did your family benefit from this.

Overall for me the question is, am I treating my guests the way God would want me too? We keep a clean and uncluttered guest bedroom and I believe the answer is yes. My family is not paniced by guests nor does it create havoc (for the most part). Instead, my 5 year old daughter has also found joy in having guests over. She has pride in her home and how she treats it. She understands that when guests come over we need to take an hour or so to make it nice for them. We make beds, make sure the guest basket is filled with goodies and basic needs (first aid kit, small sewing kit, a water bottle and other little things guests might not want to ask for) and add any last minute touches to the room and she, even at a young age, can find the joy that comes from serving someone else. She is learning to put others first by serving them through the simple act of keeping one room clean for those who come to visit. This is just one example of how the drive of Christ in my life directs my home life and my family.

I have one other driving factor in my life. I have ADD. I dont like it. I dont use it as an excuse but instead have had to adapt my life around it. My organization prevents, in every way humanly possible, my ADD overtaking my life. This is how God made me and I can choose to let it rule my life for find a way to work with it. I have to keep a calendar of everything from cleaning to dr. apointments. I have to live simply with little clutter or I get overwhelmed at what I need to do. I have to delete the drama in my life or I have a hard time focusing on the important things in life. Its a choice I have made and it works for me.

This is what drives me, what drives you?

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