Saturday, March 19, 2011

A View From The Outside

This blog is not about my life. Its about how to make your life organized for yourself, its about making it organized so you can live life more simply and a little more easliy than before you read this blog. I have very few things in my life I feel more embarased about than my organization. Its not for everyone and I get that. I often keep my projects quiet because some people think I am over the top when it comes to organization. I often give my donations to friends in quiet because I dont want people to think I am crazy for not having a garage sale. I know that some think I am a little strange for keeping all my receipts scanned and on file on my computer. The list could go on but that is what works for me.

I have found simple joys in serving others through my giving and loving on others through my hyperorganized life and simplified objects.

I remember one morning after some realitives had come to visit we were all talking about how we all slept the night befor. My guest said it was the best night of sleep they had gotten in a couple years. What a joy to have brought a good nights sleep to someone. The hour of work I put into making their stay comfy and adding those extra special touches payed off in that statement. Or when I am able to help a friend out with a wardrobe for a year for their sweet little girl who now has all of jess clothes.

I have been asked why I dont just sell my stuff or why I bother taking the time to keep the clutter out of the house or why I have to clean so much everyday. I do it because the outcome brings simple joys that you would not know unless you try it. I can not explain how it makes me feel nor can I explain why God designs me this way I just know that this is what God put in my heart to give me drive. I must ignore what others think and consider what is precious to me, time spent on a walk with my daughter, coffee with a sweet friend, feeling I am ready to serve at a moments notice or having a movie night with my hubby.

All this to be said but I dont judge others on cleanliness or organization and I would encourage you to do the same. I do fear for those who put themselves in danger with clutter (think hoarding) and those who also dont clean on a regular basis for their health (think mold and mildew). At a minimum I want my friends and family to be safe and able to function in life. If your stuff prevents you from living a full and healthy life then please consider taking some extra steps to create less stress in your life. If you dont want to be hyperorganized, awesome, if you want to be just a little organized, great. It really does not matter to me but I promise a little organization goes a long way! Enjoy the ride!


Alicia said...

I was just talking to your MIL about you this afternoon raving about the simple ways that you have blessed us. Hannah still plays with almost every single thing you sent her in that giant box a year or so ago. All of the dress-up things still fit perfectly, and she just finished playing with the Handy Manny and Backyardigans magnets. And the sticker club hit at the perfect time. We got our first stickers in the mail when we got home from Grammy's house. Not only was Hannah not excited about having to come home, but she started getting sick almost immediately after coming in. What a blessing it was to have some new, sparkly Tinkerbell stickers awaiting from a sweet friend thanks to the sticker club. =)

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